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About BFTC

Button For The Cure products are designed to promote and support breast cancer/cancer awareness.

What started, as a decoration for a team fundraising event has grown ten-fold. Our buttons are now helping teams across the country fundraise for the Breast Cancer 3-Day, Komen Race for the Cure, Avon Breast Cancer Walk and Relay for Life events. The buttons have even traveled to Japan for a US Air Force base sponsored breast cancer run/walk.

How It Started:
In 2008, graphic designer Madelyn Wattigney took on the challenge of walking in the Dallas/Fort Worth Breast Cancer 3-Day. With the color PINK running through her veins she could not resist the opportunity to applied her creativity to breast cancer awareness designs. Buttons for the Cure was born.

Madelyn continues to participate in the DFW 3 Day for the Cure as part of the all-volunteer crew.

Our buttons are popular fundraising and gift items among multi-day breast cancer event walkers and crew members. Several of the designs showcase the Breast Cancer 3-Day, the passion and unique sense of humor of the event, while still promoting breast cancer awareness. Some offer messages of “Hope” and celebrate life with “Not Just Surviving, Thriving!” Others put it bluntly, “Cancer Sucks!”

Giving Back: 

By purchasing Buttons For The Cure products, you are making a difference. A portion of all sales goes toward breast cancer research through donations to the Avon Breast Cancer Walks, American Cancer Society and other organizations.